Lint Remover Premium (NEW)

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Give your clothes and textiles a new lease on life! Transform your worn-out favourite pieces to look as good as new, without the need to purchase replacements.

Innovative design for gentle and effective removal of all types of pilling and lint from your most cherished clothing and textiles. The upgraded Premium version is perfect for those seeking the top model for lint removal. Great for both the environment and your wallet!

Revitalizes clothes and textiles
Effective against all forms of pilling and fuzz
Gentle, preserving the look of the fabric
An eco-friendly choice

Why discard your treasured wool coats, cashmere sweaters, or knitted accessories just because they're starting to look a bit worn? Revive them and continue to enjoy them for years to come!

Compare Our Lint Removers

Lint Remover Classic Premium
Usage Time 1 hr 4 hrs ★
Charging Time 3 hrs 2 hrs ★
Weight 200g 152g ★
Speed Settings 1 3 ★
Lint Container Smaller Larger ★
Charger USB-C USB-C
Blades 6 pcs 6 pcs
Price 29.95 € 44,95 €