Lint Remover Classic

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Save your favourite garments from pilling and wear, and make them like new again!
Perfect for everything from sweaters to furniture, its gentle design protects the fabric while effectively removing lint and threads that collect in the container.

Powerful with 6 blades and a large shaving head
Easy cleaning thanks to removable lint collector
USB-C for quick and convenient charging
Ergonomically designed

Good for both the environment and your wallet. Stop unnecessarily throwing away your clothes and textiles.

Compare Our Lint Removers

Lint Remover Classic Premium
Usage Time 1 hr 4 hrs ★
Charging Time 3 hrs 2 hrs ★
Weight 200g 152g ★
Speed Settings 1 3 ★
Lint Container Smaller Larger ★
Charger USB-C USB-C
Blades 6 pcs 6 pcs
Price 29.95 € 44,95 €

Usage time: 1 hour
Charging time: 3 hours
Number of blades: 6
Weight: 200 grams
Power: 5W
Charger: USB-C
Cleaning brush: Yes
Charging while in use: Yes

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