Drill brush MEGA PACK (MEDIUM)

Drill brush MEGA PACK (MEDIUM)

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Are you looking for the very best when it comes to drilling brushes? Then Mega Pack is the ultimate solution for you!

This is our biggest package in our drill brush series and is a favourite among those who want a little extra.

With a variety of models and sizes, Mega Pack provides you with all the tools you need to easily manage everyone. your cleaning tasks. Whether you're cleaning your vehicles, outdoor furniture or household appliances, Mega Pack has just what you need to get your surfaces shiny clean.

Our yellow medium brush is the perfect all-round brush for anyone looking for an efficient and versatile brush. cleaning using a screwdriver or drilling machine ;

With 0.45mm bristles, our product has become a favourite among our customers. This brush is versatile and can be used on most surfaces and materials.

Bathrooms, tiles, toilets and sinks.
 Kitchen, tile, stove, oven, countertop
Vehicles, tyres, rims and wheelsets
Outdoor furniture, wood, metal and plastic.

Why settle for something less when you can have the absolute best? Order Mega Pack today and discover the difference!

Small brush: Width: 5.08cm x Height: 2.54cm
Small barley brush: Width: 5.08cm x Height: 2.54cm
Small round brush: Width: 10.16cm x Height: 10.16cm
Large round brush: Width: 12.7cm x Height: 12.7cm
Oval brush: Width: 8.89cm x Height: 8.89cm
Large oval brush: Width: 7.62cm x Height: 12.7cm
Round edge brush: Width: 13.97cm x Height: 13.97cm

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