Drill brush MEGA MIX PACK

Drill brush MEGA MIX PACK

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The MEGA MIX PACK + 150mm extension is the perfect cleaning package for those who seek versatility and efficiency.

The package contains a total of 18 brushes and a 150mm extension from our popular 3-packs, meaning you get all our popular brushes x2. With this package, you can easily and smoothly clean all surfaces and materials without effort. Whether you need to clean the grout in the bathroom, the oven, the sofa, the boat, or the rims of your car, our MEGA MIX PACK has the right brushes for the job.

WHITE 3-PACK (SOFT): Gentle but effective solution with 0.35mm bristles that is ideal for surfaces that need a soft cleaning. Ideal for textile surfaces, furniture, car seats, sports equipment, horse equipment and pet cages.

YELLOW 3-PACK (MEDIUM): All-round brush with 0.45mm bristles that can be used on most surfaces and materials. Use it for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen utensils, vehicles and outdoor furniture. It is also perfect for cleaning wood, metal and plastics.

BLACK 3-PACK (HARD): Powerful 0.5mm bristles that can remove stubborn dirt and stains from surfaces such as grills, outdoor furniture, metal and other surfaces that require more intensive cleaning. Ideal for cleaning garages or workshops, boat hull, concrete floors, metal railings, garden tools and masonry.

Small brush: Width: 5.08cm x Height: 2.54cm
Round brush: Width: 10.16cm x Height: 10.16cm
Oval brush: Width: 8.89cm x Height: 8.89cm