Car Cleaning Pack

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With our popular Car Cleaning Pack, you receive carefully selected products that guarantee thorough and gentle cleaning of every part of your car, boat, or caravan, both inside and out.

Drill Brush 3-pack (Medium)
Our yellow medium brush is the perfect all-around brush for anyone seeking an effective and versatile cleaning with the help of a screwdriver or drill. Suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces. Everything from car tires, car mats, boats, bathroom tiles, joints, outdoor furniture, and more.

Premium Drying Towel (40x40cm)
A gentle double-sided drying towel that impresses with its exceptional absorption capacity. Designed to dry your vehicle after washing to avoid water spots but can be used for all types of cleaning tasks. Do not worry about scratches or damage when drying your car with our towel. Gentle on all surfaces, including paint, glass, and chrome.

Wheel Brush
Helps you keep your surfaces clean and shining, whether it's for the rims on your car, your home, caravan, boat, or other uses. Its size and the brushes' effective design make it easy to reach tight spaces on wheels, caravans, boats, and much more.

Car Wash Glove
Incredibly soft and gentle glove designed to minimize the risk of scratches and damage during the washing process, while also offering effective absorption of shampoo and water for a faster and smoother cleaning.

Detail Brush 1-pack (24cm)
Our detail brush is gentle on surfaces and materials, and is specially designed not to scratch sensitive details on, for example, your car. It is versatile and can be used both on the car's interior and exterior as well as in the engine compartment. It is perfect for cleaning the dashboard, vent grills, around emblems, and even on sensitive rims and other surfaces. It allows you to reach even the hard-to-access corners of your car that neither a sponge nor a washing glove can reach.

Included in the package:
1x Drill Brush 3-pack (Medium)
1x Premium Drying Towel (40x40cm)
1x Wheel Brush
1x Car Wash Glove
1x Detail Brush 1-pack (24cm)